Ekip is a young company with many inertia, illusion and very clear ideas in order to give a highly qualified and professional service. The guarantee of this is in the confluence in this project of the following management team:

  • Two engineers of ways, channels and ports with 10 years of experience in the managerial world of the corporate or productive construction, at construction or at consulting.
  • A businessman of consolidated success, with more than 15 years of career and owner of an important Catalan group who includes the real-estate sector, construction sector, legal sector and image and advertising. That possesses a significant international presence (especially in the zone of Maghrib).

The union of these three careers means a beginning with innovative offers arisen from the needs found across the experience. In general terms the lines on which this service is based are:
  • The implication is marked by the client, so Ekip has capacity of implication to every levels wished in view of the wide range of services that offers the company: management of the project, evaluation and optimization of costs, design, planning, licenses, etc.
  • Intention of adapting the world of the engineering to the new technologies, and then make the necessary steps simple for the client.
  • The belief that we have in front of us an opportunity to get in a sector that in a near future must recover.
  • Clear direction to the international market in the near future.