The services that Ekip enginyeria offers can be summarized in 6 big lines of action. They can be services and/or complementary activities between them:

  • Civil engineering and building. Production of preliminary designs and/or projects of both areas.
  • Integral economic administration of projects. Direct management (without principal contractor) or project management (with principal contractor) of projects of civil engineering and building, being the professional figure representative of the property in the development of the project in all his phases.
  • Calculation and analysis of structures. From the conception, disposition and calculation of new structures, to the analysis and solution for structural problems existing.
  • Technical reports. Draft of technical and professional documents on any area of the sector.
  • Studies and pathologies.
  • Consultancy and advice. Advice on relation to any situation of technical, productive or corporate character inside the sector of the construction.
  • Multidisciplinary collaboration with projects of civil engineering, installation and telecommunications, architecture, urbanism, territory, landscape and decoration and other disciplines like the logistics, transport and mobility, geology, topography…
  • Licenses and legalizations of activities.